ABER members

The East Asian Bureau of Economic Research involves co-operation among key research institutes in Asia, including:

These leading economic research institutes in South Asia now join the EABER network which includes the following institutes in East Asia:

  • China Centre for Economic Research, China
  • The Central Institute for Economic Planning, Vietnam
  • The Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Indonesia
  • City University Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • The Energy Research Institute, China
  • Economic Institute of Cambodia, Cambodia
  • The Fiscal Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Finance, Thailand
  • The Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, China
  • The Japan Institute of Energy Economics, Japan
  • The Korea Energy Economics Institute, South Korea
  • The Korea Institute for Economic Policy, South Korea
  • The Malaysian Institute of Economic Research, Malaysia
  • The Philippines Institute for Development Studies, Philippines
  • The Policy Research Institute, Japan
  • The Renmin University School of Finance, China
  • The SMERU Research Institute, Indonesia
  • Singapore Centre for Applied and Policy Economics, Singapore
  • Singapore Management University, Singapore
  • The Thai Development Research Institute, Thailand
  • The Australian National University (Crawford School of Economics and Government), Australia

These institutes link to the SABER and EABER websites, publish commentary and analysis of developments in the Asian economy, engage in collaborative research projects and through these activities project Asian research on the Asian economies globally.