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The Asian Bureau of Economic Research (ABER) will build on the EABER-SABER footprint in Asian policy communities to complement the work and networks of the Australian government, but will also respond to current challenges by bringing a comprehensive approach, integrating research and policy dialogue on East, Southeast and South Asia into a single program. Priorities in the Australian government Foreign Policy White Paper can be pursued through the networks that are close to economic policy thinking in think tanks, academia and other institutions.

This policy-oriented research and dialogue is also an important investment in shaping the development of policy institutions in developing countries in the region that can help realise the benefits of Australia’s other economic development assistance programs, promoting the economic development and welfare of these countries. The project will also continue to grow Australia’s official and unofficial links with important policy communities across Asia, giving Australian interests effective representation of their policy ambitions and influence through non-official and para- official channels.

Enhanced research focus across Asian economic developments will deliver tangible outcomes to the Government. ABER’s ability to engage with key policy officials and thinkers and build networks at the track 1.5 and track 2 levels provide a stronger platform for enhancing regional engagement moving forward.

ABER-SABER Newsletter

Indonesia: bad politics meets a good economy

August, 2013
Maria Monica Wihardja
Indonesia came out of the 2008–09 global financial crisis fairly unscathed; its banks only had to deleverage themselves from a small portion of debt. But now its strong position is in danger: government meddling could cause a good economy to go bad. The government should eschew populism and fix Indonesia’s structural issues, including burgeoning fiscal subsidies and inward-looking trade policies, which pose a big threat to the country’s financial and monetary stability.


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