Title Date published Author
ERIA–RIN Joint Statement No. 7 November 2019 ERIA Research Institute Network (RIN)
Governance and Economic Integration: Stakes for Asia June 2013 Robert F. Owen
How Low-Carbon Green Growth Can Reduce Inequalities May 2013 Venkatachalam Anbumozhi, Armin Bauer
Association of Southeast Asian Nations, People's Republic of China, and India Growth and the Rest of the World: The Role of Trade April 2013 Robert Z. Lawrence
Financing Development Cooperation in Northeast Asia February 2013 Masahiro Kawai
Historical Sources of Institutional Trajectories in Economic Development: China, Japan, and Korea Compared November 2012 Masahiko Aoki
Lifestyle Choices and Societal Behavior Changes as Local Climate Strategy November 2012 Brahmanand Mohanty, Martin Scherfler, Vikram Devatha
Internationalization of Tertiary Education Services in Singapore October 2012 Mun-Heng Toh
Central Banking for Financial Stability in Asia August 2012 Masahiro Kawai, Peter J. Morgan
Japan’s Post-Triple-Disaster Growth Strategy August 2012 Masahiro Kawai, Peter J. Morgan
Coordinating Healthcare and Pension Policies: An Exploratory Study August 2012 Azad Singh Bali, Mukul G. Asher
The Group of Twenty: Input and Output Legitimacy, Reforms, and Agenda August 2012 Andrew F. Cooper
Green Growth and Equity in the Context of Climate Change: Some Considerations July 2012 Jeffrey D. Sachs, Shiv Someshwar
Climate Change Mitigation and Green Growth in Developing Asia July 2012 Stephen Howes, Paul Wyrwoll
Agriculture and Food Security in Asia by 2030 July 2012 Kym Anderson, Anna Strutt
Do Exporting Firms in the People’s Republic of China Innovate? July 2012 Ganeshan Wignaraja
Narrowing the Gaps through Regional Cooperation Institutions and Governance Systems May 2012 Heinrich-Wilhelm Wyes, Michael Lewandowski
Developing Asia’s Pension Systems and Old-Age Income Support April 2012 Donghyun Park, Gemma B. Estrada
China’s Growth and Its Impact on Resource Demand and The Iron Ore Trade April 2012 Peter Drysdale , Luke Hurst
Audiovisual Services in Korea: Market Development and Policies April 2012 Yeongkwan Song